where the mind is without fear? Shocking in 2020

where the mind is without fear? The mind is flying, where are you flying? Near the mountain of instability, or in the building of peace? Explore the depths of the ocean so far?

Calm yourself, my greatest friend, or can I call you my worst enemy in the midst of a relentless sensitive disaster?

where the mind is without fear?

The concentrated mind is a calm mind, a mind that generates a lot of energy, enough to set the turbines of hydroelectric plants in motion, a mind that discovers countless discoveries that have blessed mankind.

Calm you, my friend, like Jane Master, send a single edge a sudden spread of thought, to be forgotten by a calm mind.

Restless mind, concentrate deeply on your breath, deep inspiration and expiration until you become one with the breath; A state of mind called ‘satori’, where time and tide remain constant; The bells go through a deep indomitable emptiness.

The mind, the great tool of humanity, is not meant to ruin the millions of unwanted thoughts that flow through you, the virtue of which either turns life into a beautiful paradise or makes the abominable Hades like the hell of Dante.

Why my friend, my great mind you are sending people deep into despair, uncontrolled negative repetitive thoughts make contemptuous words like ‘frustration’, ‘anxiety’, and ‘suicide’? Restless mind, when you accept things instead of trying to change the world according to your own choice, don’t you accept the issue of peace?

where the mind is without fear

Mind like a volcano, why don’t you accept the uniqueness of each human being, what the world will be like, if covered in the same color, there is nothing to break the draw monotony.

The mind like water, you go with the flow, create a path where there is no one, the void that exists that embraces the beauty of every present moment, the beauty of the uneven, and the unequal in every beautiful form.

My mind, when you see reality instead of projecting your hopes and aspirations into the present, do you not distort the nature of reality and the nature of your progress?

The mind, all thoughts fade away when it calms itself; You don’t get angry with anyone, you don’t worry about the past or you don’t worry about the future. You give up everything until there is nothing to be liberated; You and the body you occupy become one.

They refer to this state of mind acquired through years of meditative practice as enlightenment, where you do not seek approval from others and do not have to prove anything to anyone; A state where everything becomes effortless, there is no more fighting or strain, just a calm realization of one’s own soul.

A mind is truly a mind without expectation or arrogance, where you cherish every moment for what it is, enjoy every activity for what it is, immerse yourself completely at the moment the modern psychologists call the ‘zone’, … where Hours seem like minutes, and time fades without too much ado … and you’re in ‘Divine Now’.

How to decide without fear

Lately, when I talk to people, many of them express the idea that they are facing big, life-defining intersections. I feel myself. In the case of one person, it may involve taking their business to another level, in the case of another, it may mean leaving a job that no longer works. For others, that life-defining moment is on a personal level: finding the courage to break free from addiction, to have a relationship, or to restore their health.

Something deeper in your life is being called to the crossroads of life’s journey and once you answer the call you will know that life will not be the same.

You may be unsure of how to proceed in the early stages of a life-determining crossroads. Inspired Guidance has not yet been published and you may feel as if you are lost in the past and the future. This level gives you the opportunity to embrace the unknown rather than being scared or stuck. How can you do this without panic or fear?

where the mind is without fear

It’s the unknown zero – nothing really helpful to know the experience of the perfect possibilities that experience. The place where there is nothing non-material embodies the pure, uninterrupted possibility of new reality manifested in response to your intentions, focus, and beliefs. Instead of emptiness, this space has the fullness of all possibilities. It gives you the opportunity to create a new level of being for your soul experience.

The experience of this materials space provides you with deep opportunities for conscious creation. It’s important to acknowledge that you’re not in the throes of an outside situation and random event here. You can consciously guide and create events through your focused intentions, which form the core of any creative process. When you set your intentions clearly and precisely, you use force to create a reality that reminds you of

After that, you have to take responsibility for your feelings so that you go to the sensitive wilderness according to your intentions, banning any feeling of fear, anxiety, worry, or suspicion. Wherever our focus goes, energy flows. So you can have peace of mind to identify any thoughts, feelings, and emotions of fear and to let go of them with empathy – the real resting place of faith.

Finally, you need to keep trying to control the results. Instead, present your need to the need God and then isolate it. Just leave out all the attachments and animosities related to the situation: both your attachment to the desired outcome and your fear of alternatives. Allow Inity Learning to respond to your situation in a timely and appropriate manner.

Then, allow gratitude to fill your being: Give thanks for the Divine guidelines, provisions, and flow to you with every breath you take. Let the Ine Shik presence surround you and let you be filled with deep gratitude. An attitude of gratitude expands your perspective to acknowledge your guidance, consistency, and reassurance.

where the mind is without fear

From the perspective of gratitude and faith, you will take motivated action rather than pushing things to happen from a place of fear or control. You are actually part of a dynamic feedback loop with the gods; A co-creative relationship where you are making room for answers to emerge through your own intentions, beliefs, and gratitude.

Once you understand the huge potential inherent in this process, you will see the raw path of life as an opportunity to create optimal new results with the raw materials of life.

As you learn to be fearless in all your possibilities, here are a few principles to keep in mind:

1. Stay away from expectations and fears. Attachment breeding expectations and fears. Instead, focus on the permanent source of your supply and focus on that source instead of the situation.

2. Keep your point of view at the present moment. We feed on fear and anxiety when we focus on the future; When we focus on the past, we feel guilty, guilty, and sad. There is always enough grace in the present moment to meet your needs, no matter how irresistible the situation. By focusing on the present, you are open to all possibilities.

3. Deal quickly with mistakes. Instead of trying to judge yourself, the situation, or others, acknowledge the feelings of frustration and take note of what you have learned. Then reaffirm your separation, surrender, and believe so that you can return to the final rest of peace.

4. Beware of tiny signals – The major turning points in life often appear first as small signals. Learn to see and interpret the metaphors through which life speaks to you.

where the mind is without fear

5. Create a healthy, balanced connection between your soul and body. Decision making is easier when you are aware of the spiritual origins of life through your physical challenges, without trying to be detached from both sides.

6. Be flexible in your thinking and embrace ambiguity. Conversion is sometimes a messy process. Flexibility makes it easier to release unrealistic expectations.

7. Be patient. You are a spiritual being that exists forever; Don’t let people’s expectations and time frames make you lose peace. You can have a clear intention and believe in the perfect manifestation of the Div Shik order as every fear, doubt, worry, or anxiety appears as a plain.

8. Take good care of yourself. Nurture yourself with healthy eating, exercise, and rest so that you get physical resilience and stamina to realize the best results.

9. Allow your core values ​​to guide your decisions. When your choices, actions, and behaviors combine with your values, you don’t need to second-guess yourself.

10. Respect healthy boundaries. Learn that “no” can be a whole sentence. This is a healthy and necessary way to address external needs at a time when you make big decisions.

11. Be prudent about the company you keep. In times of change, it is important to gain legitimacy from someone whose vision of reality matches yours. This kind of legitimacy is based on trust in your own internal guidelines and supports you, where negative people diminish your power.

12. Take time for meditation or contemplation. This practice will help you stay focused and at peace. It is a powerful way for your soul to reconnect with inspiration and energy.

Together, these principles can help you face the unknown without fear and embrace new possibilities. I advise you to choose one of these policies and make it a part of your life next month. Then see what happens!








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