What is the Universal of the Human Condition? Impressive in 2020

The Universal of the Human Condition is an important issue. Well, it is clear that all people share different and basic universals – death and taxes! Of course, with the exception of this famous observation, we are all prone to cancer, the flu, and the common cold. Also common are heart disease and heart attack.

We all have at least one phobia and we share common physiology and physical plan as well as common emotions. We all have to fill in the blanks; What is empty is full, And scratch where it itches. Is there any exception to the need for sleep to dream?

Let’s take a look at a few other universals, although this is not a universally comprehensive list, which revolves around the innate and/or external realities of our internal psychology.

These are the issues of The Human Condition


We are probably going to kick the bucket before in real awareness humans are probably unique as a species. My suspicion is if any other animal is aware of the idea of ​​its own death.

However, relatively few of us probably want to die, though alternatively, if you stop and think about it, immortality with or without eternal youth is not very beautiful either.

However, it is not surprising that we have come up with the next best protection blanket – a later life. Alas, even if you wish for it, it does not happen. Do you really think that if the latter were the reality, some specific evidence would have filtered to us aging creatures to make our belief system stand on the shore?

The bigger the better; Size Issues:

If you ask a child or adult to name several dinosaurs, make sure they don’t name turkey-sized ones! Then there’s the Guinness Book of Records which pronounces the bigger, bigger, bigger things. Men want big private parts; Women on the bustier bus.

And ask any Texan what’s really important! We’ve all heard of the Jones family (and beyond)! They are not called ‘Tiny Max’ but of course, they are called ‘Big Max’ and we have all heard of super-sizing!


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

There is a universal myth that no smart person gives credit to people in our walk towards civilization. Important knowledge was not hard-won by us; Rather it was given to us by the gods.

You name it; It was a kind of high-chromosome gift. Fire is an example; Agriculture other; Another weaving. If it weren’t for the gods, we would still be in the Stone Age, primitive hunter-gatherers.

It is the biggest facts of the Human Condition. 


Large or small human species now clothe themselves with clothing. Sometimes it’s for protection, for industry (so-called ‘fashion’), for harmony and because society says so.

This has not always been the case and the only exception to the fact that we have this kind of body covering in terms of fauna on earth.


When you think about it, cooking food is somewhat exceptional. All other forms of life are adapted to eat all their nutrients in the raw state, be it the flesh of plants or the flesh of animals.

And so too early humans must adapt so much and even today we eat a lot of plant meat without cooking. The central ingredient needed for cooking was fire, but it is doubtful whether the use of fire for cooking was obvious to blind Freddie.

The fire was useful for lighting; For heat; To keep the big dangerous wildlife at bay, but cooking? No doubt the first cooking experiences were accidental, but that art has spread to all societies. Cooking is now one of those universals.

And we don’t think of eating cooked meat right now, and usually don’t try to avoid raw meat, but trying cooked meat must be a brave person, to ‘cook’ a dead animal in the bush fire after a lifetime without eating anything but raw. Said. Different.


It stamps me out unless we are the ‘creator’ or many more know that there is creation. I doubt we can make things out of personal observations and historical records. Consider the sun.

Every day we see the sunrise and set. We ask our parents and they say that the sun rises and sets every day in their lifetime. They say that their parents told them and their parents said the same thing to them before.

We consult with historical texts thousands of years ago and what we read, well Mr. Sun has risen and Mr. Sun has set, it has risen and set, has risen and set.

There is no person or history we can take advice on who can offer anything other than the rising of the sun and last forever and ever, no matter how far back you go.

If you can ask dinosaurs about their observations, well they should also tell you about that rising and setting sun. Why don’t you assume that the sun has always risen and set? Translated, based on all available evidence, you must conclude that the Sun has no starting point, and, based on probability, there will be no endpoint.

Infinite in the time of the sun. The sun had no creation. The same logic applies to the ground beneath your feet – Planet Earth time is infinite. Since you can’t actually question dinosaurs, you have no reason to believe that humans didn’t always exist as tenants.

So how did you “create God in the beginning …”? Why is there a creation story in every myth – the cosmos, the sun, the earth, plants and animals, and even humans? – Something went wrong somewhere.

That is the amazing facts of the Human Condition. 


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

We don’t like mysteries. In fact, we do the same as long as we can solve the mysteries to our satisfaction. If we can’t explain a mystery, there’s a convenient ‘out’ or explanation at hand.

We blame that unknown for a higher power than our own; In other words a supernatural deity. Unknown powers are ‘acts of God’ or ly turn into divine miracles or ‘ious God works mysteriously’ etc.

And so the unknown has been interpreted. Solve the mystery. It satisfies our curiosity, at least in the short term. This does not mean that supernatural gods really do exist, but since we have given them thousands of names, they probably exist – as external “flesh and blood” gods.

Regardless of their reality, a god is very useful as a scapegoat for blaming things when things go wrong instead of blaming himself, which could probably be a better reflection of reality.

The gods can become close and personal in the popular imagination and if you forget it – apparently not so hard to do – that explains all your meanings from the trivial to the minor and even the big to the deadly. And to remove guilt and find a sacrificial goat is a universal human trait.


When animals communicate with each other, they tell the truth. A new food source where bees communicate; Animals sound warning/danger and listeners do not range the truth behind this message; Dogs have a positive reason and for whatever reason, it presents something about the perception of animal reality.

People, however, invent stories in public; Lie; Story; Lie; Which sets us apart from other animals. The purpose of this fictional invention is varied – entertainment value; Make moral/ethical points etc. Some fiction goes by another name – Advertising! But storytelling is a universal human trait; The rest of the animal kingdom is universally absent.


A common theme in major mythology is that fire was a gift from the lesser gods even if they first ridiculed it from higher authorities. Many parallel examples have been found from North American Indians, even from Polynesia, and are mentioned in Enoch’s book, although Prometheus is the obvious example.

However, it is rather odd. You thought that was the ‘discovery‘ of fire; The ‘gift’ of fire was universally a natural phenomenon – no god, no gift needed.

It would be a rare environment that did not experience natural forest or bushfire due to lightning or started lava from active volcanic fires. Such natural resources should prevent any need for an unnatural source, which is through the gods.

This are the great facts of the Human Condition. 

Future events:

Animals have a lot on their plates here for their worries and now they have to think a lot about tomorrow. Even if they do, it’s probably an event of ‘what will happen’.

This is even after saving or storing food at a good time for some animals to spend time or not spend a lot of time. It’s just pure instinct for them, it’s not a far-sighted idea and has gone through it.

On the other hand, people of all walks of life, then and now, are passionate about tomorrow and beyond. Perhaps this is because we alone know that our death will revolve around tomorrow’s future.

And so there is a developing art between astrology and soothsaying, the entry of prophets and oracles, tea leaves and chickens. It certainly includes all of our nonsense except for true believers and perhaps deeply embedded psychological reasons, most of us, even if we don’t admit it.


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

Beliefs in those reports and spirits or ghosts or more generally ghosts are universal in all societies past and present. They probably have sources in people involved with any possible evidence that proves that there is an afterlife.

If the idea of ​​the afterlife is a protective blanket for people facing inevitable death, then the ghost is a protective blanket that supports the afterlife.

However, how do you account for ghost trains and buildings or ghost ships or other living objects that are sometimes seen as ghostly images? Something is wrong somewhere!

In fact, this screw-ness may be proof that we are actually ‘alive’ in an imitated universe; We are not just virtual reality realities and misleading trains say that it is only a remnant of the previously overwritten software.

Human First:

In fact, this is the ‘first and foremost‘ where there is a conflict between what people want in everything and what others need. Translated, when it comes to land use, human versus biodiversity or endangered species environment, it is a man first and foremost.

A common case history is the Amazon Forest vs. Man – Man 1; Forest 0. If people want to use land that is home to endangered species – screw endangered species.

If farmers are harvested by wild animals – kill animals! Around the world, this is called ‘progress’ and nothing stands in the way of human progress – even other people, even Native Americans, found it. Just as for the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Australian Aborigines.

I recall here Spencer Tracy’s account of the film “How West Was One”, a description that cannot be politically correct in today’s society: “This land has a name today and is marked on the map.

However, names and symbols and land must all be conquered, nature, and primitive.” People have to win. “[People moving from east to west]” Look at a mountain and see a pond; look at a forest and houses Look at the woods; look at the rocky fields and see a farm “. This is how the West won.


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

There is a sense of humor in humans, both individually and collectively. We tell and play practical jokes; Lots of comedy shows on TV as well as lengthy comedy films.

It is a rare work of literature that does not contain at least a few light moments; Other works in the play. But the question is why? Humor has no value in any Darwinian sense.

I mean, is your intention to survive the shark attack a reason to lie to your shark while calling him a bit of a dirty joker while back-paddling fast out of the water?

In any event, the transmission of humor is usually in language and people are on the path to civilization before it becomes our language. So it doesn’t seem to be associated with humor and survival. So, how do we explain this human trait? It is universal; This is another example of worrying about something somewhere.

It is the greatest facts of the Human Condition. 


We all feel comfortable in our own way. We associate others with our own age, our own race, our own gender, our own religion, our own nationality, etc.

Those racisms; Predominance; Content on issues such as nationalism. This is due to the fact that no one else is physically cloning you physically and/or in terms of worldview (belief system). This is why this inequality.


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

Music is an art form designed for the ears. Probably no race, religion or culture, male or female, old or young, which is not, is not and does not respond positively to one kind of music. Exactly why, however, is somewhat mysterious.

Music was not part of our natural primitive ancestral background except for the call of birds and the ‘sounds’ of other animals. You can hear the accidental surf, the thunder, and the screaming wind making the musical instrument harsh.

And while bird voices and animal sounds have survival value – species recognition, warning/danger crying, mating use – thousands of years ago ‘humans’ didn’t even need to sing or stone or push across for decades to communicate across Time for.

While “music indulges the barbaric beast” must have some significance, the appreciation of music seemed to be more in design than in natural evolution.

However, if we admire music through design, who was the designer, and what was the probable purpose behind that admiration? If all music disappears from human society overnight, our life and civilization will still continue. Music is the peripheral for our survival – then or now.

That is an amazing fact of the Human Condition.

My (fill in the blanks) Right or Wrong:

The blank spouse can represent a child, family, city, county, state, country, or even a planet if an alien is present or threatened. This applies equally to other faith systems, such as religion or sports. Of course, the logic is ultimately flawed, but it stays right next to it when you get involved in your own debate.

Mythical Animals:

What is the Universal of the Human Condition

There is no human culture in the world that has not stocked the Make-Faith Zoo with all kinds of gorgeous animals. From Dragons to Thunderbirds, from Griffins to Hydra, Grendel, and Pegasus, from Unicorns to Hellhounds, they are there and much more.

Modern equivalents like Godzilla are clearly marketed as entertainment and fantasy; According to our ancient ancestors, the ancient creatures of the ‘myth’ were not so much marketed.

Why did they need to ‘invent’ such strange beauty? Why did they believe that these animals existed? Perhaps the alternative explanation is that these mythical creatures were not so mythical.

The rank has its advantages:

Are all men (and women) created equal? Not in your Nellie! In every society, past, and present and undoubtedly in the future, there is, there is and there will be and there is. It is almost universal and specific like death and taxes.


All people tend to be rebellious. It’s as ubiquitous as it gets, and I don’t mean that kids throw away something that is limited to mood swings or teens.

‘You can’t’ is usually interpreted as ‘you will be’ if I can get away with it! I mean who has now and has not exceeded the speed limit; Parked in a ‘no parking’ area or exceeded their parking deadline;

When no one was looking, the pieces were torn to pieces; Involved in inappropriate internet use at work or possibly approaching a few pens and paperclips; The borrowed library failed to return the book on time; Or the occasional ‘little white lie’? What about the slight embarrassment over your tax return and declaration?


We have all seen the evening sun ‘die’ only to rise again at dawn. The moon ‘dies’ on the new moon, but gradually brightens back every night until its full moon is full, then slowly begins to ‘die’ again until it ‘dies’ again – death and resurrection.

Some plants ‘die’ in winter but regenerate in spring. Killed (raw) cut lawns usually survive to grow again. A lizard may lose its tail but the tail seems to resurface and bounce back. So, seeing all these things, it is not surprising that people think that they too will be resurrected after death.

This is the biggest facts of the Human Condition.


People like symmetry which can be reflected in nature because nature often exhibits symmetrical features. A sphere has perfect symmetry; Three-dimensional symmetry in three dimensions can be a cylinder; The symmetry displayed by a man in only one of the three dimensions; Left to right.

But symmetry is not limited to geometry only though it is probably the main type of symmetry that is naturally found in nature without being biological as a predator vs. predator or male vs. female.

People apply symmetry to relative and/or more abstract matters – right versus wrong; Long vs. short; Black vs. white; Heaven vs. Hell; Up vs down; Hot vs. cold; Yin vs. Young – The list can be extended from politics to economics for a few more examples.

However, as a general rule, for any concept that people imagine, they will also contain an equivalent and opposite concept. Symmetry seems to be in our genes.


What is the Universal of the Human Condition

The form of all creatures on this planet, except for the Companions we are forced to adapt to in our ways, usually set their biological clocks by natural time, usually the rise and elevation and existence of the sun; The duration of daylight.

To some extent, however, the rise, installation, and phases of the moon play a role. All life on this planet takes the form of those who have lived their whole lives in perpetual darkness – deep in deep caves, deep underground, or abyssal – assuming their concept has enough IQ to conceive, otherwise a consciousness, one day – from sunrise to sunrise – Or maybe half a day more – from sunrise to sunset and from sunrise to sunrise.

They certainly have no awareness or idea, nor do they need to have any awareness or idea of ​​a second, minute, hour, week, month, year, decade, or century.

These are all man-made constructions that have no interest in other uses. So, although almost all living things are aware of ‘time’, universally only human time has made natural time (night and day) like an artificial time-time zone.

Each culture went on to form a calendar – how many units per day; How many days per week; How many weeks per month; How many months a year and finally what can be done with the rest.

Even considering the day, there’s nothing natural about midnight – one can make a statement and say that the last day of the old day and the beginning of the new day, obviously we need to label some days that the other was not doing living things.

That’s when the idea comes towards the end of our labeled year. There is nothing special about New Year’s Eve. This is a completely artificial idea. Only people give it some sort of uniqueness.

To everything else on this planet, it is just a normal moment in the life of ordinary moments. And Daylight Savings gets it artificially as a phone even though it has a practical application or at least. Birthdays are no longer an artificial and phony idea.

If anniversaries have any meaning, your ‘birthday’ should be the anniversary of your idea, not when you broke up. We can easily celebrate the birthdays of animals for a variety of reasons, but to them, it is a non-event that the idea happened to them even if they had no real significance. They don’t need birthday cards or birthday gifts and they don’t feel insulted for not attending.

That is the biggest facts of the Human Condition.


Trade is universal to the human condition. All you need (money, food, sex, other products, and services, etc.) is your exchange (skills, money, products, crops, etc.).

Those features, bartering, buying and selling, exchange of goods and services have apparently lagged behind in history as a record. I don’t know of any parallels that exist in the animal kingdom, not even among our closest primate ancestors. Animals often share but they are not engaged in trade.

Visual art:

What is the Universal of the Human Condition

Visual art is an art form designed for the eyes, although they may look like landscapes – sunsets, clouds, seas, etc. The appreciation of art is universal, although it is often a case of different strokes for different people.

Playboy pinups; Qualifies attractive or picturesque architecture; 3-D sculptures are obvious; Dance, theater, and more modern-day movies. The point here is why there is an appreciation of music such as an appreciation of art or a resonance since art appreciation has no definite survival value.

There are very few who stand around praising the striped style on a hungry tiger that has caught your eye that has nothing to do with its artistic appreciation.

However, with higher IQ animals (birds and mammals) it would be interesting to know if they appreciate the beauty of a rainbow, that northern or southern light (aurora borealis or aurora australis) or the stalagmites and stalactites in their caves. Do flying birds have an abstract appreciation of their wind vision or are it so h-hm? At least we suspect that the pigeons in the park admire the statues they sit on!

It is the great facts of the Human Condition.


I’m right; Even if you are wrong, it is risky to take risky opinions. Today, there is no doubt that Jillian is debating on the Internet message boards around the world that XY or vice versa is good at least, despite the severity, no one is physically injured! Face to face barroom or high noon on the highway – it is not necessary on the street.

In every way every day, say over a morning tea break in the office water cooler, over breakfast or dinner at home, differences of opinion make them familiar in any uncertain terms. An argument is the human nature of love; The proverb is always willing to get involved at the drop of the hat, universal.

This is probably another aspect of regionalism. You have shared a physical area, not a physical area, yet protect it with the right enthusiasm. It has even been formally acquired in debate committees or in public debating forums and in political institutions such as Congress or Parliament.

In conclusion, many of these human universals are relatively unique to our animal relatives; Many seem to have played little or no role in our evolutionary survival. Many are therefore somewhat disrupted. But let us not forget all the gifts we receive from the alien ‘gods’. If true, that would really help explain many of these exceptions.











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