What is Samarpan Meditation? How to do it? Interesting in 2020

Samarpan Meditation is the simplest and most profound form of meditation in Yoga. Under the holy guidance of Shree Baba Swami, samarpan meditation is embracing sadhaks (devotees) from all over the world who discover many anubhootis (subtle experiences) while performing Dhyan (a state of blissful meditation).

You can also do Samarpan meditation

Samarpan is a Sanskrit word. The nearest English word is surrender. In SM, the sadhak is supposed to surrender his/her entire past, negative thoughts, and so on to Gurudev (The Master).

Sadhak is also advised to banish all thoughts and worries about the future and is strongly advised to live in the present. When the Sadhak is able to live in the present, then he/she is able to obtain a Nirvichar (state of thoughtlessness) state. This state is necessary to achieve the state of Dhyan.

What is Samarpan Meditation

However, under SM, the sadhak does not have to do anything by himself to obtain the above states. As Gurudev says, “Doing nothing is Dhyan.” One does not have to do anything in SM, not even think.

One only has to sit for half an hour in a calm and quiet atmosphere, preferably in the company of other sadhaks, with eyes closed and a straight back. The rest is taken care of by Gurudev.

Collectivity is of paramount importance in SM, as it is only in a collectivity that one is able to lose the ever-overpowering sense of “I”, the ego-state controlled by the mind which is the main barrier between materialism and spiritualism, between man and God. Annihilation of I, or human ego, is a necessary precondition for advancing on the path of spiritualism.

SM emancipates the life of an individual in totality. It starts with the spiritual and works downwards to the mental and physical states of a sadhak. In the ultimate result, the Sadhak can lead a disease-free life full of mental balance and positive energy.

Samarpan Meditation can be done by everyone

What is Samarpan Meditation

This salutation comes from the globally growing family of Sadhaks (practitioners) of Samarpan Meditation which has its chief exponent in His Holiness Sadguru Shree Shivkrupa Nand Swami, also lovingly called Baba Swami by the devotees/sadhaks.

Shree Baba Swami is The Master who has undertaken the onus of spreading awareness and practice of this simplest form of meditation, which has been evolved by sages after intense Sadhna in the mighty Himalayas, the abode of spirituality.

Swami Ji, after himself going through very hard Sadhna and Tapasya in the Himalayas – dense forests, snow-clad mountains, caves, and rivers- has come back into the human society with the avowed intention of ridding the humanity of its miseries and sins.

Baba swami is giving a wonderful, rather miraculous tool, in the form of Samarpan Meditation to whosoever is willing, to combat worldly problems and to make our lives sublime. Samarpan Meditation makes no distinctions of country, community, color, race, creed, caste or religion.

It is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to embrace it and to be embraced by it. Learning is free. The objective is to provide a solution (Samadhan) to as many souls of the world as possible.

It does not involve any renunciation. It can be practiced in whatever environment or conditions we are living. It does not involve any change in one’s religious beliefs. One can keep on following one’s religion and still practice Samarpan Meditation.

It can be practiced by men and women of all age groups and even young children who can sit properly for half-an-hour. It can be practiced by people of all religious inclinations who just have to have a firm belief in GOD.

It advocates the religion of Humanity. It is proving to be a boon for humanity.

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The topics of meditation are simplified for you

What is Samarpan Meditation

We all want all the pleasures of life, good modern cars, technology, fine dining, and much more. Life is so stressful and we see ourselves rising to the top on a daily basis, keeping alert, fighting stress, and fatigue but all of this takes away our joy.

These chaotic speeds and demands that give us everyday problems can only make us feel tired, hardworking, stressed. We feel encouraged, snap easily into the minor issues that arise, feel frustrated, or frustrated, there are ways to help us in this situation.

Meditation: A general technique that you can do by yourself, anytime, anywhere. Taking time for self-meditation helps calm your senses and keep you focused throughout the day.

Meditation, as well as relaxation techniques of breathing, do not need to take 10 minutes to 15 minutes fast and you can find yourself under less pressure, overcoming your own stress, and finding inner peace.

Are you a negative person? Do you find that you do not always focus on the positive by thinking of bad results? The perfect act of being negative is not healthy for our mind or our body, but using meditation can help you transform this negative thought into a positive one, thus leading to a better lifestyle and better health.

It may surprise you to know that you have the power to help transform yourself into a positive being instead of a negative one. Feeling depressed? Meditation will help you here too, although it is not the easiest thing to do, you can overcome the frustration if you try to mediate.

Meditation has proven to be an effective alternative to body and mind medicine. Physicians have prescribed it for patients with high blood pressure.

What is Samarpan Meditation

It is extremely helpful in helping patients with asthma and sleep problems because it helps reduce tension and stress. Heart patients are beneficial as it helps to improve their exercise performance and stamina. It helps you to maintain complete emotional, physical, and mental balance.

Meditation is practiced for healing in many cultures around the world. Religions also use meditation and it has great value in helping to alleviate pain since ancient times and help bring back healing.

Studies have shown that the healing properties of the drug are effective. During meditation, our bodies move to an improved state of deep relaxation or rest and this helps to reduce the rate of metabolism.

As the metabolic rate decreases, it helps to reduce our heart rate and reduces our heart pressure; It lowers the levels of some of the stress hormones it produces; Lowers blood pressure; Lowers cholesterol levels and increases the flow of air to our lungs.

Transform yourself into a happier, more positive person today with the use of meditation. It provides you with mental and physical benefits and you simply stand to benefit from it.










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