Top 4 amazing true Time Travel Stories and Proofs in the World

There is evidence of such an event in this world, Which proves that time travel is really possible. There will be instances where you will be forced to believe that time travel is truly possible.

These facts are so amazing that it will not be easy for anyone to believe. But the evidence is there in the eyes that you will be compelled to believe.

Time Travel Stories with Proofs :

These time travel stories were taken from different parts of the world. Their authenticity has been judged on their evidence.

John titor Time Travel stories :

This story is John tutor. Whoever said he was from 2036. November 2, 2000, A new member joined the Internet Discussion Forum where people talk among themselves. His account name was John Titor and he posted it to him.

Hello, friends, I am a time traveler and I have been here since 2036. I went to 1975 to pick up an IBM 5100 computer. Because in 2036 our team needed that computer. 

Going back to 2036, I returned in 2000 to see if it was that’s what the paste is like. And I also had to see a computer problem named Y2.

This message shook the entire internet. But most people believe that this is a fake profile and they are doing so for publicity. Most people did not take it seriously.

Many people had said this if you are telling the truth then give some proof of it. After this, what he posted had shocked everyone.

He posted the design of the time machine. And even he had posted the original photo of the time machine. Seeing that all the senses had flown.

Top 4 amazing true Time Travel stories and proofs in the world

John Titor states that he was a soldier in 2036. And his grandfather used to work at IBM Computer Company. And so he was recognized in the IBM company.

And IBM Computer was the only thing that could solve its future problem. So he came back in 1975 with a time travel with the help of the time machine.

Top 4 amazing true Time Travel stories and proofs in the world

The question in your mind may be that if he has come from the future, he knows what is going to happen?

Yes, he had told a lot about the future.

What did John Titan tell?

  • John Titan did a post and told it in that a terrible Earthquake is coming to Peru in the future. And just a few months after this post, 23 June 2001, Peru had the world’s worst Earthquake. 
  • He also told us that you guys should solve the space shuttle overrating the problem. Otherwise, a big accident will happen. And a few days after this post. On Feb 21, 2003, the Columbia SpaceCraft crash took place.
  • He told about any other incident. Like the 2004 Olympics will be the last Olympics.

Many events were talked about. But as we know, not all incidents came true. If all his things are analyzed, Fifty percent of things have proved to be false. And half the truth.

But if you understand this, then you will find how 50 % predictions of a person can be true. And how can he know so much about the future?

A book was also written about John Titor. The name of that book was John Titor A Time Traveler Tale.

In March 24, 2001, Joe Titan last posted. There was never any posting from that account after this date. And by becoming a mystery he disappeared forever.

Some more mysterious article :

A Man In A Plane Time Travel stories :

In 1954, a plane landed at an airport in Japan. And a normal human was coming out of that airport.

Top 4 amazing true Time Travel stories and proofs in the world

When he stopped to show the passport. And what happened there was very strange. The human being looked like a businessman and he seemed to be on a business trip.

After this, when his password was checked. That passport was a country TAURED in Europe.

DO you know? The name TAURED not exist at all. Initially, the official felt that it was a passport mistake. But the same person did not say that there is no mistake, I am from the TAURED. 

How can you say that there is no place called TAURED. My country has been in Europe for thousands of years. This is not my first trip. I have visited many times.

He had shown his passport for proof. The passport had a lot of Genuine stamp. And even the stamp of Japan. He also had a license on which the name of the country was TAURED.

Then the official gave him a map and said where is your country. And he also pointed at a small place between France and Spain. As you know, there is no other place between France and Spain.

So the person was sent to a secure hotel with full security. And the official said that after the investigation in the morning you will be released.

The next day the officials came to pick him up. Then they saw that the man was missing. It is very strange how even after full security those people can run away.

Security kept an eye on him throughout the night, but he mysteriously disappeared. And the person who was kept in the room of the License and Documents official had also mysteriously disappeared.

But there was no talk about this incident anywhere. After 35 years, this incident was put in front of people through the book The Directory of Possibilities.

No one understood this incident. A lot of theory was created about this. The most famous theory is that this human being came from another Parallon Universe.

He has slipped into our Universe for some reason.

The concept of Parallel Universe says this. Meaning there is one such universe in the whole universe. Where the TAURED named European country really exists. And that person had somehow slept in our universe from that universe.

At night he somehow returned to his universe. And after all, he never goes to Existing in our Universe, so his document along with him had disappeared.

The second theory says that man came from the future. Maybe in the future, there will be a place named TAURED. And he will have some device with which he disappeared inside the hotel room.

No one knows which theory is true but it is a very mysterious incident.

Noah The Time Traveller’s story :

A person who is popular on the Internet under the name Noah. He claims that he has come for 2030 years. And there is also talk about it, this person has also passed the lie detector test.

Top 4 amazing true Time Travel stories and proofs in the world

When it was telling that I have come here since 2030 and was telling about the events of that time. Then the lie detector machine had read it. And told in the result that it is telling the truth.

Noah’s face was hidden due to some privacy region. So on the internet, you will always see its face blear.

Noah had said that he had traveled time before. But this time due to some reason, he could not go back.

Noah said this about the future that technology will progress a lot in the future. In Self Driving Cars Actual you will be seen walking on the road. Artificial intelligence will be at its highest level in 2030.

Noah’s that this news was shown on many news channels. Posting in the news channel, passing the lie detector, all of this indicates that there is something about this incident.

Hakan Nordkvist Time Travel stories :

Year: 2006. Location: Sweden

Hakan Nordkvist, Came home after work as usual. Drinking water went to the kitchen and he saw a lot of water fall into the kitchen.

He thought that this water could fall for one reason only. Of course, there was a hole in the pipe.

When he was trying to fix the water pipe inside the small cabinet. Then he saw a strange thing. A small pipe of water was going too far inside the small cabinet.

Then he went ahead. After that he saw a shiny thing. Then he saw that he had come to some other place. But he felt that the place was there but the time was different.

There he saw himself as a 70-year-old and that was the year 2042. 2006 went straight into 2042. He said that from inside that cabinet Again came in 2006.

No human will believe this story. That is why he took a photo from his mobile phone. He said that we spent a few hours together. And it was the happiest moment for him.

He also compared the tattoos of his hands. So that people at least trust him.

Top 4 amazing true Time Travel stories and proofs in the world

With a lot of time travel theory. And some of them are Black Hole Theory and Wormhole Theory. Wormhole is the shortcut of two times.

Meaning if I make a wormhole in your room, then you can go to the future or past. Wormhole connects two time.

It may be that some kind of Wormhole has been created inside this person’s cabinet.

According to the law of physics, this wormhole is theoretically possible. But I said theoretically possible, not practically. No Warmhole Scientist has been found yet.

But there is so much knowledge and technology available in our world. It will not be right not to simply dismiss Hakan Nordkvist’s words. And so it has remained a mystery.

Science is not limited in our world. There is something in our world that is beyond science. It’s really mysterious. This artificial intelligence and technology are just the upper surface things.

Science and Technology is limited. Our world is full of many more mysteries. And this is also the funniest thing in our world.






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