Top 7 Biggest secrets the Egyptian pyramids with Aliens

The most mysterious place in the world is the Egyptian pyramids. The Egyptians ruled here about 4000 years ago. They created many traditional works of art at that time.

Along with these, they have left behind many secrets. For example, The possibility of aliens to exist, Alignment with the sky stars in the Egyptian pyramids, Inside the pyramid is a natural A.C Which puts the temperature at 20 degrees Celsius.

These are the things that do not allow scientists to sleep in peace today.

How the Egyptian pyramids were built?

The biggest secret is how they built such a large structure. This means that not only is the Egyptian pyramids talking here, it is also talking about bigger structures.

Did they make it alone? Or there is the mystery of cooperation?

The Egyptian pyramids have been studied for a long time, trying to understand it with all kinds of technology. But to this day no one has been able to solve the mystery.

How they were putting a big piece of stone together. What kind of concrete did they use? Without the help of technology and machines, it would be impossible to build such a structure.

In one pyramid alone, 23 million limestone blocks were used. It is so difficult to carry these stones from one place to another. But they kept the stones in the perfect position.

These stones are 2700-70000 kg weighted. Today, there are big machines that help build large buildings they usually do not carry more than 20000 kg.

How could they have done this four thousand years ago if it was impossible to do so today? There is an answer that you would find incredible. That’s aliens

“Orion correlation theory” of the Egyptian pyramids with alien

If you watch the pyramid at night then you will see that the Egyptian pyramids are aligned with a Constellation in the sky. It’s called Orion correlation theory. The constellation of the sky is called the Orion Belt.

Top 7 Biggest secrets the Egyptian pyramids with alien

It has three main stars.

  1. Alnitak
  2. Alnilam
  3. Mintaka

These three stars are sync with the Egyptian pyramids. The positions and alignments of these pyramids are very similar to those of the stars.

Seeing this impossible thing many theorists mean that aliens came at that time and brought with it advanced technology. With their help, the Egyptians built this pyramid.

No one knows if the Egyptian pyramids were built by the Egyptians or aliens. But it is certain that the Egyptian pyramids and the distant stars must have some communication.

Some theorists also mean that the aliens are there to show their existence the Egyptian pyramids and the stars were put Alignment together.

Tunnels in the Egyptian pyramids:

The Egyptian pyramids are full of mysteries from everywhere. But the tunnels inside them are the most mysterious. Earlier, people used common sense to think that These tunnels are used for ventilation. So that the wind can enter.

But later it was proven wrong. When a camera was put in. It was then seen with the camera that In fact, the tunnels are closed.

Top 7 Biggest secrets the Egyptian pyramids with alien


Speaking of all the tunnels in the pyramid, There are three Discovery Chambers within the Egyptian pyramids.

  1. Base chamber (The lowest chamber)
  2. The Queens Chamber (The middle chamber)
  3. The King’s Chamber (The upper chamber)

If you enter through the upper chamber, then you can explore the three chambers. Again if you enter the chamber in the middle then you can explore the three chambers.

But the fact is that till today no one has been able to explore the chambers very well. No one knows how many other chambers are inside it.

People of that time also believed that the king’s body was placed in this chamber and when the shaft is created then his soul will go to the stars in the sky. It is called Star Shaft Theory in the Egyptian pyramids.

A camera was inserted to look inside the Queens Chamber. But the camera mysteriously collapsed. Since then the governor has not allowed anyone to explore the Egyptian pyramids.

“But there is also the possibility that there are more tunnels inside it. Which has not yet been discovered”.

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Why the Egyptian pyramids were built?

With no explanation, that is what is being accepted until today this the Egyptian pyramids were built for the tomb of the king and queen of the time.

You must have heard about the Mummy. People who believed in the tomb of King and queen those people used to say that At that time the king queens body was made a mummy through the mummification process.

The dead body was tied to the linen fabric and kept in the grave.

The Egyptian pyramids

But if you ask how many mummies were found until today from the Egyptian pyramids then his answer is zero.

The Egyptian pyramids have not been fully explored until today. But as much as it was explored from it all the tombs were empty.

King’s mummy was not found at King’s Chamber and the Queen’s mummy was not found in the Queen’s Chamber.

On seeing this, the theorists concluded that the Egyptian pyramids were not built for this. It looks like it was made for some other reason.

Most judges think that it was made for any aliens and their purpose. It seems like it was some kind of power plant.

How the Egyptian pyramid is so perfect :

If you are looking for the center of this world. Do you know where that is? Yes, of course, this the Egyptian pyramids is the center of the world, amazingly.

Yes, It can be a coincidence. But let’s not forget that this pyramid was built at that time when people knew nothing about the world. Then it was not even discovered that the earth is round.

  • So how did they find the center of the earth?
  • Another amazing thing is that one part of the pyramid has the north pole alignment.

The Egyptian pyramids Stones :

You know what, The stone on which the Egyptian pyramids was built that stone is a thousand times stronger than ordinary stone.

The Scientist did many analyzes on this stone. But scientists until today do not understand what it really is. It looks like limestone but in fact, it is not a limestone.

Scientists have never found such a limestone anywhere else in the world.

The Egyptian pyramids with Alien construction technology

The Egyptian pyramids with Alien

The strangest thing about pyramid construction technology is that Ball and socket construction technique was used during the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

Ball-and-socket construction technique :

Ball and socket construction technique is a that can withstand hit expansions. During the heat, the stone is a little bigger, it can withstand. Ball and socket technique can withstand earthquakes for sure.

Think, Shock Proof technique. Which is 4000 years ago.

Some more secret facts related to the Egyptian pyramids with Alien

Natural A.C inside the Egyptian pyramids :

 The Egyptian Dizard which is close to the Egyptian pyramids. It is a very hot place and the hot breeze keeps moving there.

Despite all this, the pyramid was built in such a way the outside temperature is whatever the inside temperature will be about 20 degrees Celsius.

You can call it natural A.C 4000 years ago.

Alien drawing in the Egyptian pyramids:

the Egyptian pyramids.

There are places to visit in Egypt there you will find such a drawing. You will find pictures of strange creatures in those drawings. Which looks a lot like aliens.

And you will see the drawing of such a device which looks exactly like a spaceship.

Seeing this, some people think that the only aliens built the pyramid.

From these facts, it can be proved that it was impossible for the Egyptians to build this pyramid 4000 years ago. Because they had no such technology. It proved that the aliens helped them.


There is more information about the pyramid involving aliens. Everything can’t be finished here. If you want to know please comment.