Shocking Mystery solve of Bermuda triangle in 2020

The Bermuda Triangle has remained a mystery to the world to this day. But such incidents force us to give some evidence that its truth is really a mystery. You will be forced to be surprised to know these facts.

Mystery solve Proved of Bermuda triangle

These are events whose veracity is truly incredible. But the evidence for these events is not to be ignored.

1. Christopher Columbus’s voyage, Proved of Bermuda triangle

On September 15, 1942, a man named Christopher Columbus, He noticed some reactions in that sea due to his voyage.

When he looks at his compass he sees that his compass is no longer working. Just then he saw a huge meteorite coming towards the sea in a bright way. Then the fireball went straight into the sea.

Columbus writes these words in his book but no one believes his words.

2. American Warplane Flight 19, Proved of Bermuda triangle

Then many years after this incident. 5 December 1945, American Warplane Flight 19, With a team of 14 people just keep flying to that place.

Shocking Mystery solve of bermuda triangle

Upon arrival, Captain Lieutenant Charles Taylor’s compass on Flight 19 stopped working. He then immediately informed the control tower that something bad was happening to them.

We do not know where we are. The water has become green. The sea is not what it should be. Everything is going wrong. We do not know in which direction the west is. We were supposed to be 250 miles northeast of our base.

After they said this, they stopped talking. A team of 13 people was sent there to get the news. But 27 minutes after the flight, no trace of them was found.

No one still knows where the two planes went.

Over time, many more planes disappeared into the area

  • G-AHNP Star Tiger disappeared on January 30, 1948
  • G-AGRE Star Ariel disappeared on January 17, 1949
  • On December 28, 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, number NC16002, disappeared
  • On August 28, 1963, a pair of US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft, etc

The whereabouts of all these planes and passengers are still unknown. This orgy of death did not stop here. Within two centuries more than 50 ships and More than 20 aircraft and thousand people have disappeared here.

Many books have been written on this subject. This place has been given a different name after the death throes. Science made a different Theory about it. Experts and researchers had different things to say.

Some more facts related article

The Bermuda Triangle is located in America Miami City of Florida State and San Juan, Puerto Rico state. Where such mysterious incidents happen on a daily basis. Because of which it is also named Devil Triangle.

Experts and researchers believe that it can also be the base of an awake alien. Many scientists consider it a time portal.

Shocking Mystery solve of bermuda triangle

They think the Bermuda Triangle is a natural prime portal located on Earth Or like a wormhole.

It takes ships in its grip and throws thousands of light-years of them away. Where the other end of it opens. However, the US Army does not believe any such triangle.

But in this scientists believe that time hole in Bermuda Triangle opens and closes on its own. When it opens, when a ship passes through it, that ship comes under its control.

Some scientists believe that the missing ships are still there. But those ships are in different dimensions. Which we have not understood till today.

Science publishes separate information on the judgment of scientists. Today’s science admits that A chemical called methane hydrate is found in large quantities on the beach of this Bermuda Triangle.

Whenever this chemical bursts, a lot of bubbles come out. Which is enough to sink any ship. These bubbles are so powerful that even airplanes cannot escape them.

But if this area is like this then The ships of the US Navy and other countries, due to which this area is dominated Crowded. Then why this is not happening with them.

This theory was explained in such a way that even scientists have not understood it to this day.

In 1925, a sea ship at SS Cotopaxi, The captain of the ship, and a team of 32 people left for that place. And 2 days later, the ship disappeared in the grip of the Bermuda Triangle. Nearly 90 years later, this ship was found abandoned in western Havana.

The people of the place were surprised when the ship saw this place. This 90-year-old ship named Cotopaxi, The ship’s existence was ruined 90 years ago with the Bermuda Triangle. But how is it possible to exist after 90 years.

Many questions come up after getting this ship If a chemical called methane hydrate really captures the ship. So how did this ship survive? And the biggest thing is where the 32 members went on this ship?

Are they really victims of the time portal? What happened to them is still a mystery.

Shocking Mystery solve of bermuda triangle

After this incident, scientists found another piece of evidence about the Bermuda Triangle. They say that the South Atlantic Ocean and the sky over Brazil, The astronauts’ device stops working in this area located in space.

Here, even the Hubble telescope of America does not work properly at this place.

Astronauts passing through this place twice, He says that he realized this in the first mission itself, Was going to sleep, and then a white-colored light came in front of him. There was no sound but his instrument stopped working.

Astronaut said that he was read about the Bermuda Triangle but it was scary to see it in front of his eyes.

What do you think is happening in this Bermuda Triangle? That comes before our eyes again and again. There is some miracle of nature behind it or some scandal of parallel things.





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