Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Games Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

Everybody says that playing PUBG is bad. But, You will find full proof here that playing PUBG is good. Here you will find out what effect does the video games have on the brain.

All things have some good and some bad aspects. You have to pick the good side. You have to keep an eye out for the good. Your own good is definitely in your own hands.

People who are interested in playing PUBG :

It is wise to know the science of games. Not listen to people.

Video game, When you hear this, then you will have a picture of small children in your mind. But this is true, 90% of the children like to play video games if they see the average 10-year-old children.

Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Game's Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

But you would be surprised to know that 90 percent was for children only 10 years old. If we talk about teenagers and elders That’s also close to 80%.

In fact, a study is revealed that the average age of gamers is 33 years. Not 9 years old.

And even, It has been said in a prediction that Future players can be old people. And this shows that Video games are something that is spread in our society among people of every age. And it will always go on.

Research reports on game companies (PUBG and other video games)

ACTIVISION, which is a game company. The company released a statistic, It was released in that When he was released CALL of DUTY BLACK OPS. The game was played up to 600 Hours voices in the 1 month after its release.

If every player played and you count for how long the game was played. So you will find that the game has been played for 68 thousand years. That’s what 2010 is all about.

But when it comes to the most played game of all time, it is neither a CALL of DUTY nor a COUNTER STRIKE and neither Just emerging most popular PUBG. It is CROSSFIRE.

This is the calculation:-

  2. Dungeon Fighter Online
  3. PAC-MAN Doodle
  4. Candy Crush Saga
  5. Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG)

Some other mysterious article

Video game’s positive effect(PUBG)

You have come here to know what effect video games(PUBG) have on our Mind? Usually, it is thought that video games(PUBG) are bad. So know the reality here.

I would not say here that it is good to play games all day. Here the main fact would like to say that if played in this Reasonable Amount means in Balance Amount, Only then is it good for your brain.

This game brings very positive changes on your mind. You must have heard a lot that this game used to dilute the minds of children and drive them crazy. So keep all these things on the side. Some scientists talk.

Cognitive Researcher Daphne Bavelier do a lot of research in the lab. And it turns out that video games have a positive impact on people’s Brain.

Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Game's Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

The assumption is that playing more games causes worse eyes. Those who do not play games have their eyeSight normal.

What do you think? The players’ eyesight will be normal? The study showed that the eyeSight of gamers is very good! Better than those who don’t play.

Two ways in the gamers’ eyesight is good:-

  1. Those people can read small letters. Because while playing the game you keep looking in front of the screen. Therefore, the power to see before you are better than other people.
  2. And the second point is the Gray color. It is learned that gamers are able to see the gray color better. Because gray color is used in many places on the game. Whether it is a gun or a dramatic scene.

If you are driving and the road is full of fog. Then you can see the other cars in the fog better. Then the chance of the accident will be much less.

Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Game's Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

The power to sense the grey color for gaming is greatly enhanced.

You must have seen that many bank employees work in computers all day long? And their eyes never fail. If some people work on the computer even after 1 year, then their eyes will get worse.

Meaning each person’s body and each person’s gene is different. Believe it or not, this is science.

So it is clear that playing the game(PUBG) does not spoil your eyes.

Does the game(PUBG) decrease attention and concentration?

Actuarially it has been found in a lot of research. Conflicts situation, That is, a situation in which you have two options and you have to choose one of them.

In such a situation, the brains of the person playing the game work very well compared to the normal human.

Look like it, I’ll put some words in front of you and you have to tell me what color it is. Will tell FAST


Maybe the answer to the last 3 words was given wrong. You should know that the last 3-word text color was different. But you just read that word.

You stop and look carefully and tell. But it will be very difficult for you. Because there’s a weird kind of confusion coming up between Word and Color. But the professional gamer will tell it very easily.

How much is your concentration power and your attentions. It is understood by this.

Those who are able to correct such test accurately. And you also give the right answer. So your attentional strength is also good. Gamers are good at this power.

This shows that this game does not reduce the attentional attention, but it is more.

Power of tracking objects:-

You have used this tracking day-to-day many times in your life. A normal mind also tracks everything while driving. Surrounding cars and people everything.

But it was found that the same brainpower of today’s gamers is very much. While playing the game you take care of many things at once.

Parietal Lobes, A part of the brain. This is the part of your brain that does your tracking. And the gamers find this part most active.

Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Game's Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

It’s not just this part of the brain that plays games, More parts of the brain are active. Another good aspect of the game is that Enhances your multitasking capabilities.

That means they can take on another task very quickly as they do one thing. Multitasking doesn’t mean you have to do a lot of tasks at once. Multitasking means that when one task is done, Then forget about that task and concentrate on another task.

Gamers do this very well. Because in this game one has to work one by one. For this, the multitasking power of gamers increases a lot.

Reality of Games(PUBG):-

Don’t just look at the positive side of the game. Everything has a positive and negative effect. So there’s the game. But here’s the condition the game problem is then When you play games all day long.

Play games but not all day. If you are a game addict then there will be problems.

Career of game(PUBG):-

If the game is your career then it will not be a problem. Because they are moving forward in their lives through games And make money.

Amazing 3 facts of PUBG Game's Positive Effect and Reality in Human Brain

Their dopamine is not released to play games when playing games. Their dopamine is being released Because they are making money. Money is more important to them than the game.

Normal gamers who are not making money. They think that game is their world. This thing is not good for them



One line can be said If you play the game balance level. Then it increases the strength of your brain







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