what is aura? amazing facts of how to see own aura in our body

Aura is the Energy field around our bodies. There are so many things or substances in this world, Who have an energy field around them. Which we cannot see with our naked eyes.

It is scientifically that all things in the world are actually energy. This means that the mobile you are holding in your hand is not actually solitary. It’s actually energy.

what is Aura?

Not just things but the whole world are energy. All existing energy. If interpreted as scientific, then aura is electromagnetic fields. Which surrounds the human body.

This is called the Human Energy Field. Aura, Not seen with the naked eye. Every human being feels the aura of every human being. Not consciously but subconsciously.

Therefore, when you see a person, you should understand what that person is like.

aura shows your physical, mental, and emotional nature. Even in the Egyptian pyramid, They believed that energy was in everything.

what is aura? amazing facts of how to see own aura in our body

Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist of the century, said this.

“If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration”

You have never seen a man. Still, you find that person attractive. Because your aura matches his aura. Your level of energy matches that person. For this, a resonance is created between you. That is why you are attracted to yourself.

The relationship of attraction with aura

What is the Spiritual Science of Attraction? Why are you as attractive to people with the same aura as you are? On the other hand, people with energy like you are attracted to you.

There are many types of people in the world. But why are you attracted to certain people? Why do you like that option among so many options? Have you ever wondered? The answer is Aura. 


That’s why filmstars are friends with filmstars. And the friendship of a common man is with a common man. 

what is aura? amazing facts of how to see own aura in our body

It will always be remembered, Aura shows your physical, mental, and emotional. So what do you want Good image or bad image?

When other people see you, Then you want to have a good image in all their Subconscious mind. And if your Aura is high then it will become automatic.

There are few frustrated and hopeless people in this world Their Aura is very low. And there are so many happy people in this world Their Aura is high. That’s why they are attracted.

One thing you should remember very well Because the more positive you think. Your Aura will shine more And be more attractive. This is why positive thinking is so powerful.

For your positive thinking As the energy in your body increases, so does the growth of your Aura. 

For this other people tend to give you more respect. You may not even know why they are giving so much respect. But they will want to give respect. 

Because their subconscious mind will detect your aura. It was because of you that you developed positive thinking in yourself.

You have to be happy all the time. That doesn’t mean you’ll just be happy on the outside. Because Aura detects your inner happiness.

Can you say it that way written on your aura is what you are feeling inside.  On top of that, everyone will act and show off with a smile. But nice is when you are happy inside. Then your Aura starts to change.

You say, The person who is afraid from the inside and who is always sad, You will stay with him? the answer is no.  Yes, this happens to all people.

If you want to be attractive. Spike the hair and apply the cream. Only 10% of the work is done. The remaining 90% will be from your internal energy.

Some people do simple dressing but they look much more attractive. Because their Aura is much stronger. So get out of despair and sorrow from your life.

If you keep all these negative things in your life. Then you will not be able to move forward in life.

If your aura is also low then you do not need to take tension. Because Aura is never Static. Mean it varies.  It varies according to your thought and condition.

Remember when you were very happy then your aura had grown a lot. And remember when you were very sad your aura was reduced.

Another fact is that there are as many bad habits as there are in the world All this has a wrong effect on your aura. So give up your bad habits.

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Existing aura on your body

There are as many true saints in this world. Not a fake saint. Their aura extends very far. And the aura of ordinary people is spread far Near their skin.

You will have a question in your mind. Is there any scientific proof of Aura?

You must have heard about Kirlian photography. Aura is usually captured with this photography technique. Scientists have not been able to discover even one percent of what the world actually has.

what is aura? amazing facts of how to see own aura in our body

Aura has appeared through Kirlian photography. But to this day no one fully understands it.

You can see a round light around Lord Buddha. It is nothing but aura. A man’s energy is his aura.

Until a man sees Aura with his own eyes, Until then he does not believe.

Can you see the aura?

Yes, you can definitely see Aura. Good thoughts and positive thinking if you bring it into your life. Then you will be able to experience your aura in your life.

If the aura increases, then the sense will also increase. If the sense increases then you can feel the aura of other people And it is also possible that you can see.

Aura is something that is very important to us and to our lives. We can do a lot with it. If we can develop it well then we will become an example of a good person in life and in the world. With this you can achieve everything in your life. So try to be a good person in life.






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