Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World | shocking to see

You all must have traveled by train. A train track passing through a bridge and a tunnel is very amazing. These are the most terrifying train track in the world. You will be shocked to know about these.

You know what, There are few such train track in the world they are made in such a horrible way that You will remember death once or twice while passing that railway track.

Which of these goes through the airport and which goes through the market And other train track passes over the sea.

Let’s take a look at ten awesome train tracks that shock people. You will definitely get a lot of pleasure from knowing these facts.

10. Devil’s Nose Train Track, Ecuador

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

Just hearing the name of this railway track makes you think how dangerous it can be. It has been named after seeing its horror.

If you are thinking of traveling on this train, Then know that this journey will give you the experience of the biggest terrible journey of your life.

It is located in Mount Aedes between Ecuador in Alausi and Sibambe. This 12 km long train will make you tremble with fear.

Built-in 1902, this railway track is a unique piece of engineering. Millions of workers died while it was being built. That is why it is called Devil’s Nose Train Track. Many of these dead workers were not found in the dead body.

The height of this train tracks is more than nine thousand feet above sea level. So you think how horrible the journey can be when the train goes on this train track.

9. Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad, New Mexico

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

Cumbres and Toltec scenic railroad, The journey of this train track can give a great experience in your life.

The New Mexico Railroad track in America is very old. It is the tallest train track in America. Which goes into the Rocky Mountains.

Due to being located at a very high altitude, this truck runs the only steam engine and coal engine.

This train track is about 80 km long. You will be very surprised to know that this railway track was made in nine months. Its highest point is St. John’s Mountain. 

Believe it or not, when this train passes over the track, people’s heart trembles with fear.

8. Train to the Clouds, Argentina

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

Train to the Clouds is Made in Argentina, this railway track is one of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world.

This train was built in 1948. It took about 27 years to build this railway track. About 4220 meters above the ground, this very beautiful train tracks is called Train of the Cloud. 

This train track passes through twenty-one tunnels and 13 bridges. This train track in the heart of the Aedes Mountains takes you from Northwestern Argentina to the Chinese border.

When this train passes through some special places, it seems that the train is passing through the clouds. In fact, there are a lot of clouds on both sides of the railroad track.

This railway track starts from the city of Salta, Argentina. The train travels 217 kilometers in 16 hours. Where it also climbs 3000 km.

7. White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska USA

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

This White Pass and Yukon Route railway track built in Alaska, once part of the Soviet Union. It is about 180 kilometers long.

It was named White Pass Railway Track from White Pass Mountain. This railway track is also considered a sign of unbreakable friendship between Canada and America.

The railway track is connected by a mountain and a deep moat. The view here is enough to scare anyone.

But the matter of comfort is that no accident has happened here to date and hence it attracts romance seekers from all over the world.

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6. Georgetown Loop Railroad

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

Georgetown Loop Railroad made in Colorado, the USA is of 3 feet narrow gauge. The train goes very carefully on its bridges and winding roads.

This rail track was built in 1887 between two hills. But due to some accidents, this train was stopped in 1939. It was then re-launched in 1984 to make some changes to the construction.

You can see how dangerous this railroad track is by looking at it the road is only 7.2 kilometers. But the depth of sight of 640 feet of altitude climbing is very scary. And the train takes about 50 minutes to complete the journey.

5. Rameshwaram Railway Track, Chennai India

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

This rail route of South India passes over the sea connecting Tamil Nadu with Rameswaram also and Connects to Pamban Bridge. Hence it is also called Pamban Bridge.

The length of Pamban Bridge is about 2 kilometers and its construction work was started in August 1911 And on 24 February 1914, it was ready.

This bridge is one of the longest bridge in India. It is necessary to come here once to get an idea of how exciting and dangerous this journey of the rail is going to be amidst the storms and strong winds coming every day.

4. Aso Minami Route, Japan

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

One of the world’s most fearsome and dangerous railway tracks is the Aso Minami the railway track in Japan.

A part of the train track passes through an open iron bridge. And one wrong move of the driver can take you closer to death.

Dangers do not end here. The route of the train passes through Mount Aso. Which is home to Japan’s most volcanic powers. An eruption of a volcano can put an end to the train and Train passengers.

3. Maeklong Railway Market Track, Thailand

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

Have you seen the train passing through the filled market? This railway track passes through a market in Thailand. That’s why it’s called Maeklong Railway Market Track.

Here the train goes through the market twice a day. The train goes at 4 pm and 6 pm.

Do you know that people also set up shop on its track? When the train passes through here, people remove their shops from the track. They set up shop again later. The distance between train and people is 1 foot.

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2. Napier Gisborne Railway, New Zealand

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

The most unique thing is this railway track of Napier Gisborne Railway that this railway track passes through Gisborne Airport. 

Trains have to be runway before passing through the track. And for that, they have to talk to the control room of the airport And takes permission.

Construction of this truck began in 1972 And was completed in 1981.

1. The Death Railway Track, Thailand

Biggest Dangerous 10 train track in the World

This 415 km long railway track is known as The Death Railway Track. The rail track connecting Bangkok to the city of Burma was closed in 1947.

Everyone’s heart will tremble to know the reason for this. At the time of construction of this railway track, 90 thousand employees died.

Only 10 years after this traumatic event Was opened in 1957.

These railway tracks are the most terrifying railway tracks in the world. There are many more awesome railway tracks in the world but these are worth remembering. You can take their experience if you wish. Their experience will be a memorable event in your life.







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