Bhagwan Shiv Exists in Kailash Parvat Biggest Amazing Proved 2020

According to the mythology, We know that Kailash Parvat is the abode of Bhagwan Shiv. But you may not know it that Kailash Parvat is the biggest mysterious place in the world.

This is the reason for being the permanent abode of Shiv, Kailash Parbat is considered to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas

Of all the civilizations in the world, God has been associated with the mountains. Because it is considered to be the way from our world to heaven or the way to get closer to heaven.

According to scientists, Mount Kailash is considered to be the center of the earth. On one side of the earth is the North Pole and on the other side is the South Pole and in between is Mount Kailash. 

The existence of Bhagwan Shiv on Kailash Parvat

The biggest mystery of Kailash Parvat is that Despite all efforts, no climber has ever reached the summit of Kailash Parbat.

Now it is forbidden to climb Mount Kailash. But the attempt to climb Mount Kailash is not from today. This effort has been around since the early twenties. The record for climbing Mount Kailash was about 18 years ago today.

Bhagwan Shiv Exists in Kailash Parvat Biggest Amazing Proved

In 2001, China allowed a group of Spaniards to climb Kailash Parvat for the last time. But there has been a backlash from people all over the world who consider Kailash Parbat a sacred place.

This reaction was the result of this Mountaineers on Mount Kailash were completely shut down. But this is not the reason why no one has climbed this mountain till today.

Because this ban was imposed 18 years ago. Before that what? Even before that, no one has been able to climb this Kailash Parvat till today. What could be the reason for this?

People have been attracted to the mountains for centuries. Whatever the case of any civilization. They considered almost all the high hills of the world as sacred places.

And generally, these mountains are considered to be the abode of the most powerful God of their civilization. Mount Olympus Mount Kinabalu is also revered in its own place.

But the mountaineers did not stop climbing in these mountains. It is true that it is forbidden to climb Mount Kailash. But it is also true that when Kailash Parvat was allowed to climb, No mountaineer has been able to climb this mountain yet.

Why no one has climbed Kailash Parvat yet

The biggest problem with climbing any mountain is the low level of oxygen. At different altitudes, you have to control your body’s oxygen levels in the air.

The air contains 21% oxygen at sea level. The higher the altitude, the lower the oxygen level in the air. Barometric pressure decreases at about 3600 meters altitudes.

Mount Everest has a height of 8848 meters. And the oxygen there is two thirds less than the oxygen present at sea level.

Despite such a difficult situation, Mount Everest has been conquered by more than four thousand people. And every year more than eight hundred people reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Bhagwan Shiv Exists in Kailash Parvat Biggest Amazing Proved

On the other hand, the height of the Kailash Parvat is six thousand 6638 meters. Means less than Mount Everest. Even today, no one has been able to reach the summit of Mount Kailash.

Why no one could climb Kailash Parbat despite having higher oxygen levels than Mount Everest? And those who tried went astray.

The mountaineers who climbed Kailash Parvat said that While climbing Kailash Parbat, the weather changed so much that it became impossible for them to move forward And their journey is to stop.

So the question is what is the reason for not being able to climb Kailash Parbat

The answer to this question is not even available to the researcher on this subject. And if science does not have the answer to this question. So do we need to accept the words written in the scriptures?

It is written in the scriptures that Bhagwan Shiv is still standing on Kailash Parvat. So do we have to accept that  Lord Shiva uses Mount Kailash to live in secret? Or to give direction to human civilization? And to help them when needed.

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Evidence of the existence of Bhagwan Shiv

According to mythology, Bhagwan Shiv is still on earth. To believe this we need to know true facts. It is about a man who visited Bhagwan Shiv. And this man was not an Indian This man was an Englishman.

This was during the British rule in India. And some British officials lived in India with their families.

The Agar Malwa Shiv Temple in Madhya Pradesh was famous for this Here, the wish of the person who believes in a true heart is fulfilled. And surprisingly, this is a temple in India that was renovated by a British.

It is said that the British officer Colonel Martin went to Afghanistan to fight. He used to write a letter to his wife about her condition. At that time his wife was in Malwa, Madhya Pradesh.

This cycle continued for several days. But for several days no letter from Colonel Martin came to his wife. Mrs. Martin’s health is deteriorating due to the risk of some accidents.

Mrs. Martin used to pass by that Shiv temple every day. And she saw people here every day praying and praying with devotion. Mrs. Martin also visited the Shiv temple and prayed fervently.

She prayed that if her husband returned to her well, she would renovate the temple. A few days later Mrs. Martin had that feeling that is the feeling of all the devotees praying in this Shiv temple.

Then came Colonel Martin’s letter, and Mrs. Martin was surprised to read what was written in the letter. Martin was there to explain how their group was surrounded by Afghan troops. There was no chance of survival.

But one day a Yogi with a tiger skin and a trident in his hand saved their lives. Then Mrs. Martin also told him of her prayers. But Colonel Martin didn’t believe it, he thought it was a mistake.

Bhagwan Shiv Exists in Kailash Parvat Biggest Amazing Proved

Then when Colonel Martin came to India. Then his wife took him to that Shiv temple. Then what Colonel Martin said there was surprising.

Colonel Martin saw a picture of Bhagwan Shiv and said that he was the one who saved him in Afghanistan. The man in the picture is the one who saved her in Afghanistan.

Colonel Martin then renovated the temple with 15,000 rupees.

Bhagwan shiv exist proved in Amarnath

Bhagwan Shiv exists in another place called Amarnath. Which has become the center of trust of the target fans.

Surprisingly, this Shivling originates from hard ice. But you can see raw ice around this cave.

Seeing this Shivling, the only question that comes to everyone’s mind is that How could such a high Shivling be created naturally in a cave in such a high hill.

Bhagwan Shiv Exists in Kailash Parvat Biggest Amazing Proved

This Shivling is formed by dripping water droplets from the cave’s roof. These drops are so cold that they harden as they fall down. This water drop becomes ice and takes the shape of Shivlinga 12 to 17 meters high.

But according to science, it is very important to have a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius to freeze the ice. But the Amarnath Jatra starts in June-July. It is not possible to have such a low temperature at this time.

Some scientists say that there are small holes inside the cave through which cold air flows. This is why the ice freezes and takes on the shape of a Shivling.

But no one has been able to prove this to this day. If so, this fear needed to create many more Shivlings.

Whether or not God exists is a matter of debate. In fact, many people have felt the existence of Lord Shiva many times. But people who have faith in Bhagwan Shiv do not need any proof.

But Kailash Parvat remains a mystery to the world and to human civilization even today. And Kailash Parvat will remain a mystery to us.






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